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Festivals and events in the Zillertal

Throughout the year, there are numerous live concerts and music festivals in Zillertal. Presented on large and small stages are local and international stars and their music, which ensures a great time for all. 

In the "valley of music", there is hardly any local that doesn't play an instrument. So, it's no wonder that musicians from all genres, from traditional folk music groups to modern pop and rock bands, call the area between Mayrhofen and Strass home.

Event calendar

Something to suit every taste: from open-air festivals to chamber music

With over 200 bands and almost just as many stages in the Zillertal, the events calendar has to be updated almost daily. Numerous concerts take place in the open-air arena in Kaltenbach from May to October, from folk music festivals to heavy metal concerts. But not just large music festivals characterize the musical landscape in the Zillertal. Countless small concerts where local artists showcase their music in a family-style setting contribute to the diversity of the culture. The Landesmusikschule Zillertal (music school) regularly organizes folk music evenings, chamber music, and musical contests, all of which warmly welcome vacationers.

Zillertal "Gauderfest"

Austria's largest traditional costume festival takes place each year on the first weekend in May. The Zillertal spring festival looks back on a long history. The oldest writings that mention Venetian merchants attending this colorful annual market in Zillertal date back to the 15th century.

To this day, the Gauder Fest is celebrated with diverse games, a colorful music program, and culinary delicacies.

More info about the Gauder Fest


Cattle drive in the Zillertal: a living tradition

Every year at the end of summer is one of the largest festivals in Zillertal. In a colorful procession, cows, sheep, and goats are driven down from the summer pastures to their winter stables. This spectacle is accompanied by music and dancing, with folk festivals and farmers' markets taking place in the various communities. For many decades, the traditional cattle drive in the Zillertal has attracted tourists from all over the world who want to take part in the traditions of Zillertal.

Traditional costumes and folk music

In the Zillertal, traditions and customs are nurtured with love and devotion, and are handed down from generation to generation. Days before the cattle drive begins, the kitchens in Zillertal smell of cake, bread, and many delicious treats. The residents pull their folk costumes out of the closet, and even the animals are prepared for the procession, colorfully adorned with floral arrangements and bells.

When the festival finally begins, young and old are up and ready to watch the festive procession of the animals into the valley. Then comes a celebration in the valley, and of course, visitors in the Zillertal are warmly welcome to participate in the cattle drive and other colorful programs. Visitors will be pampered with delicious Zillertal specialties such as bacon, ham, bread, and schnapps at the farmers' market. Traditional handcrafts, games, music, and dancing: the festival days at the end of summer have something to offer everyone.

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