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Action sports

Action sports in Zillertal

The recreational activities in Zillertal are not limited to just hiking in summer and skiing in winter - the newest trend is action sports. Adrenaline: the magic word of the 21st century; here in Zillertal, we are second to none when it comes to this new trend.

The Zillertal offersour guests a vast array of action and adventure sports:

  • Rafting
  • Canyoning
  • Riverbug
  • Paragliding

The opportunities are very diverse, and there is definitely something to suit every adrenaline junkie. All tours are available in different difficulty levels. Which means, children can also participate in tours and gather experience with the various types of sports.

All tour guides are state-certified and will guide you safely through the waterfalls and rocks.


With rafting, there are three important components: team spirit, physical skills, and fun. The most important requirement is that you can swim. Children 10 and older are allowed to accompany parents on the tour along the Ziller. Equipment is available on-site and is included in the price.


Would you like to observe the Zillertal not only in beautiful weather but also from a whole new perspective with the help of a paraglider? Get a glimpse of the valley from a unique point of view. Paragliding is possible throughout the year and is a special experience in any season. There are no age limits - children 4 and older can accompany us.


When canyoning, balance plays a big role. Coordination is very important when rappelling, swimming, and climbing through the gorges and waterfalls. A state-certified tour guide will accompany you. So you know, you are always in the best of hands. There are tours in a variety of difficulty levels for beginners and pros as well as for families with children. The equipment is available on-site and is included in the price.


Riverbug is the newest innovation for water sports. You simply sit on a Riverbug, put flippers on your feet, then use the flippers to navigate through the white water. This is probably the most fun invesntion in water sports. A guide will accompany you and show you all the tips and tricks, especially how to best tackle a tour through white water. Equipment is available on-site and is included in the price.

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