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Special Massages

Absolute relaxation

Fine aromas waft through the air, all the senses are in harmony with one another, and you are guaranteed absolute relaxation.

Our offers

Head & neck massage

Close your eyes and simply let go. The gentle touches of a face, head, & neck massage create moments of pure well-being.

  • Duration 40 min. € 49.00

"Pure Balance" spa treatment

With a soothing, energetic, gentle massage accompanied by fragrances and calming music, mind, body, and soul will once again find their balance. An "Effective Touch Massage" tops off this treatment.

  • Duration 70 min. €  74.00

Hot stone massage

With a combination of flowing massage techniques and the energy from hot basalt stones, this treatment ritual provides deep mental and physical relaxation.

  • Duration 25 min. € 39.00
  • Duration 60 min. € 65.00
  • Duration 90 min. € 96.00

The power of nature - herbal stamp massage

With fragrant, warm herbal stamps, essential oils are massaged into your skin. Circular, flowing movements with palpable pressure provide relaxation and new vital energy.

  • Duration 60 min. € 65.00
  • Duration 90 min. (head & face) € 96.00

Anti-stress massage

Relaxing, gentle energy massage with warm, essential oils that are individually customized to your needs.

  • Duration 40 min. € 49.00

Pampering facial treatment

Cleansing pomegranate or anti-aging fleece mask and extensive face, neck, and décolleté massage with 100% natural massage cream (Pino).

  • Duration 30 min. € 39.00

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Your advantages  when booking through our website, by phone or by e-mail.

  • Better cancellation conditions
  • Larger selection of room categories
  • Uncomplicated changes to bookings
  • Up-to-date room availability
  • Personal advice
  • Flexibility with special requests
  • Special offers are only bookable directly