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Enjoy a pleasant

Experience the art of touch. Immerse yourself in the diverse world of relaxation and gain new vital energy for the demands of everyday. Our certified therapists look forward to pampering you.

You are welcome to book your treatment appointment at the hotel's reception desk.

  • Monday to Friday from 3.00 to 8.00 pm or
  • Upon prior arrangement

Our offers

Classic massage

This professional treatment method relaxes the muscles, targets problem zones, dissolves blockages, and promotes deep relaxation.

  • Partial-body massage: duration 25 min. € 35.00
  • Full-body massage: duration 50 min. € 52.00

Vital sports massage

This powerful, vitalizing treatment relaxes tense muscles and improves your performance.

  • Duration 25 min. € 35.00
  • Duration 50 min. € 52.00

Combo mix

A pleasant combination of a classic massage and a relaxing foot reflexology treatment.

  • Duration 55 min. € 56.00

Blockage-removing massage

A gentle massage technique with a big effect! It helps the body remove waste and toxins. With the positive effect on the autonomic nervous system, this treatment is wonderfully relaxing and stimulates the lymph system.

  • Legs or face: duration 25 min. € 36.00
  • Full-body massage: duration 55 min. € 56.00

Foot reflexology massage according to Penzel

This is an energy balancing massage that treats the whole body via the reflex zones on the soles of the feet. It promotes blood flow and stimulates organ and tissue function.

  • Duration 25 min. € 36.00
  • Duration 50 min. € 54.00

Calf massage

After a pleasant foot bath with natural herbal essences followed by a foot peel, we will pamper you with a relaxing foot-leg massage, which is especially soothing after your sporting activities.

  • Duration 40 min. € 49.00

Intensive back massage

An intense massage technique prepares the "cause of suffering - our back" for cupping therapy. This massage dissolves tension, adhesions, and hardening in the tissues. It enables better movement, improves circulation, and alleviates pain.

  • Duration 40 min. € 49.00

Book direct!

Your advantages  when booking through our website, by phone or by e-mail.

  • Better cancellation conditions
  • Larger selection of room categories
  • Uncomplicated changes to bookings
  • Up-to-date room availability
  • Personal advice
  • Flexibility with special requests
  • Special offers are only bookable directly