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The Zillertal is known as the musical valley of Tyrol. There is hardly a local around that doesn’t play an instrument, many play with the local brass bands. So it doesn’t come as any surprise, that between Mayrhofen and Strass many musicians are at home – from traditional folk’s music to modern pop musicians.

In the Zillertal, traditions such as the shooting company or the annual tradition of bringing the cattle down from the mountains for the winter are cultivated with devotion. The knowledge of these traditions is passed down from generation to generation. For decades the Zillertal has attracted tourists from all over the world who want to enjoy the traditions.

The people of the Zillertal know how to celebrate! They combine tradition and customs with folk music and a great atmosphere. From May to October there are countless Tyrolean evenings, open-air concerts, alpine pastures and hut festivals. Let yourself be infected by the great atmosphere!


Don’t miss out! All around the Zillertal various attractions and activities await our guests.

Here in the Zillertal you can experience the joy of living and liveliness. The Hotel Post in Kaltenbach stands for friendliness, cosiness and true hospitality.



With over 200 bands and almost as many stages in the Zillertal, the event calendar has to be updated almost daily. Numerous concerts take place in the Open Air Arena Kaltenbach from May to October. Not only large music festivals – for example the Festival of Folk Music – shape the musical landscape in the Zillertal. The countless small concerts, where local artists present their music in a familiar setting, all contribute to the diversity of culture. The Zillertal music school organises folk music evenings, chamber music and music competitions to which holidaymakers are always welcome.


The village concerts of the local brass bands have long tradition in Tyrol. In the summer months the music plays an open air concert once a week. Between June and September, the brass band of Ried-Kaltenbach hold a concert on alternate Fridays in the music pavilion in Kaltenbach and the pavilion in Ried. The Hotel Post is only a few steps away from the music pavilion in Kaltenbach. Some guests may even be able to watch the concert from their balcony! The band of Ried-Kaltenbach performs traditional marching music. It also shows how it is possible to perform modern sounds on traditional instruments: Pieces from the genres of pop and classical are also played. The concerts in the Kaltenbach take place regardless of the weather.


Every year at the end of the summer one of the largest festivals of the Zillertal takes place. In a colourful procession the cows, sheep and goats are brought down from the alms to their winter homes. Days before the festivities begin, the smell of baking can be smelt coming from the kitchens in the Zillertal. The locals put on their traditional costume and even the animals are dressed for the occasion with flowers.

When it finally gets going, both young and old get to their feet and accompany the animals down to the valley. Naturally guests are warmly welcomed to take part in the festivities. With wonderful culinary delights from the Zillertal, such as speck, ham, bread and Schnaps on offer at the farmers market. Traditional hand crafts, games, music and dance – the festival days come to an end, the summer has something for everyone.

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