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Thousands of kilometres of well-signposted hiking trails and mountain bike routes criss-cross the Zillertal. It is almost impossible to get enough of the breath-taking views! And yet some of our guests are looking for an even greater adventure. For even more variety. They need more adrenalin! No problem.

Our leisure activities are not limited to hiking or biking. The Zillertal offers a great variety of adventure and action sports: Rafting, Canyoning, riverbug or paragliding are all perfect for adrenalin junkies. All activities are available in varying degrees of difficulties.

If you’re looking for variety and action, and needing relaxation and regeneration: The Hotel Post in Kaltenbach is a refuge of calm and with its 1 000 square metres of spa oasis, it has the perfect conditions for some time-out after the adventures.

Other activities

The Zillertal has many other activities and attractions to offer. Be amazed by the choices on offer!


There are three important points to rafting: team spirit, physical fitness and fun. The most important requirements are that you can swim. Children from the age of 10 years old are able to take part in the tour on the Ziller if accompanied by an adult. The equipment is provided and included in the price.


Coordination and balance are extremely important when abseiling, swimming and climbing through the gorges and waterfalls. There are tours of various degrees of difficulty, and families with children are also welcome. Equipment is available on site and is included in the price.


Who wouldn’t like to view the Zillertal from a completely different perspective in fantastic weather with a paraglider? See the valley from a unique perspective. Paragliding is possible all year round and is a special experience at any time of year. There is no age limit – children from the age of 4 can take part.


River bugging is a relatively new water sports invention. You sit on a river bug which is an inflatable craft and put on paddle mittens – this is how you navigate the white water rapids. A guide will accompany you and show you all the tips and tricks on how best to master the tour over the rapids. All equipment is provided on site and included in the price.

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