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After an energetic day, our guests refresh themselves in the stylish ambience of our newly designed spa oasis. Enjoy the relaxing warmth of the Finnish sauna with a herbal infusion, or the regenerating air of the steam bath. You can regenerate in our bio-sauna or the infra-red cabin.

Experience the change between the warmth and cold in our fresh air room in the open air courtyard. In the room of calmness there are comfortable waterbeds for you to use, and in the room of senses well-being sofas are available. Fresh spring water and a selection of fine teas round off the relaxation offer in the Hotel Post.

Sauna Area at Hotel Post

Post outdoor sauna: FINNISH SAUNA

80-100 °C

Taking a sauna has a positive effect on both body and soul. The warmth of the Finnish sauna stimulates the metabolism and improves the body’s immune system. Regular saunas, especially in winter, can help prevent annoying colds.



The regular warmth and the different light tones in the bio-sauna create a heightened sense of well-being combined with aroma therapy, a visit to the bio-sauna improves your state of mind and helps you to forget the everyday stress.

Finnish sauna

80-100 °C

The soothing warmth has a relaxing effect on our organism! It strengthens the immune system and gets the circulation going - so you feel good all over. 

Steam bath


A visit it to the steam bath allows you to breathe deeply again and relax. The high humidity is good for the airways, the muscles relax and loosen any tension.

Infrared cabine


The beneficial warmth of the infra-red cabin works deep into the body. Through the infra-red rays the circulation can be improved, and tension released.

Bathing rules for the sauna session!

  • Time: Allow yourself enough time - a complete sauna bath consists of 3 courses
  • Bathing utensils: We recommend a towel for the sauna, a terry towel and bathing sandals
  • Cleansing: A thorough shower before the first sauna session optimally prepares your body
  • Warming up: Make yourself really comfortable – The dwell time is between 8 and 10 minutes
  • Cool down: Cool down with a body shower or Kneipp hose - starting with your feet and hands from right to left
  • Rest: A little rest in between is relaxing and pleasant - make sure you drink enough fluids

In the pleasant atmosphere of our Post-Spa oasis experience the everyday stress just fall away and deep and lasting relaxation takes over. 

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