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The Höllwarths, a host family for generations with warmth in their blood, rough edges and a lot of joy in what they do. With their team from "the Post" they create an atmosphere of well-being and genuine hospitality for guests and a working environment for the team feels community and family. Because that is what sets the Hotel Post in Kaltenbach apart... a genuine shared interest in hospitality! 

Lisi & Matthias

The head of the house, Matthias, is always available for social evenings. He is very familiar with fine wines and has plenty of exciting stories and exquisite wines in store! He also takes care of the organizational things in the house.

Head of the house Lisi always has a smile on her face and the goal in mind. She knows insider tips for your ultimate holiday and always has a few kind words on her lips for her guests. She is the good soul of the house.

Granny Bärbel, the laundry fairy

Who doesn't love the smell of fresh laundry? To ensure that the laundry always arrives in the hotel rooms on time and smells good, Grandma Bärbel personally takes care of it.

Benedikt & Sophie with Valentina & Viktoria

Benedikt, the junior boss likes to keep track of things. He is an excellent cook and helps his father Matthias with organizational matters. Almost a man for everything!

When children laugh, Sophie, Benedikt's wife, gets excited. She actively supports her husband and family and is very familiar with the excursion destinations around Kaltenbach, especially with children!

Next Generation Höllwarths! The two girls make the hearts of all guests melt and light up the hotel with their children's laughter. We're sure they'll both be great hosts when they grow up.


The second son of Lisi & Matthias is not actively involved in the family business.

After graduating from the Higher Technical Federal Institute for Mechanical Engineering, Hansjörg decided to study industrial engineering at the Technical University. 

Whenever there is a need, he is happy to support the family wherever he can. Whether in the hotel or in sChic - you can always rely on Hansjörg's help!


Chic in chic! Jakob, the youngest son of Lisi and Matthias, is a passionate landlord, a gin lover and always has a good Joke. Im Winter ist Jakob im sChic zu finden, im Sommer greift er der Familie im Hotel Post unter die Arme.

Aunt Thresi

Cleanliness is a must! The glasses in the restaurant are all hand-polished by Aunt Thresi. The wine tastes twice as good.

Dana, Head of reception

At the front and always concerned about the well-being of the guests is the head of the reception, Dana. A real organizational talent who will be happy to look after you from check-in to check-out.

Chef Thomas

The way to the heart is through the stomach, as chef de cuisine Thomas knows, who has been passionately swinging the wooden spoon in the mail for more than 20 years!

Bartender Norbert

Delicious drinks, an original Zillertal fruit brandy and bartender Norbert are three things that should not be missing at the Post hotel bar! With a smile on his face, Norbert always tells you the latest stories.

Thomas, Postalm

Thomas, the manager of the Post-Alm is a real hero of the night... He overcomes the lively nightlife with passion.

Janitor Davor

Before that everything can! He's the caretaker, Bike repairman, sauna master ... always with full commitment on the road!


Representing everyone who was once part of the Post team family is Moidi, who worked as a waitress at the Post for 40 years and only wistfully retired at the age of 75 (!). She comes by from time to time to see family and old work colleagues.

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